Volume Booster

Finally! Automatic volume control for boat stereos! The Boost Box turns the volume up when you pull a rider out of the water, and turns the volume down when you stop to pick-up the rider. Perfect for wakeboarding, wakesurfing or any other watersport activity where you are pulling riders.

You control the boat... the boat controls the volume. You hit the throttle, the engine roars, the sound of the boat on the water starts to drown out the music. Just as the boat begins to plane, the stereo automatically cranks up the volume so everyone can enjoy the tunes and watch the rider. When the boat slows, the stereo automatically turns back down to normal levels.

The Boost Box is fully adjustable - depending on the day and crowd on the boat, go for a huge boost in volume to watch big-air tricks, or simply dial-up a small volume boost so you hear the tunes but still talk over the music. Check out watersportinnovations.com/Boost.html for more information.