WakeVideo Accessories VPOD LCD Mirror 2007

The VPOD is a 7" LCD mounted behind a 7" x 14" mirror. Flip the mirror up and it acts as a shade for the super high resolution TFT LCD, so you can always see the video clearly, even when underway. Combine it with a TRAKKER and the driver will always know what the rider is doing - A huge safety plus! The VPOD is comprised of a carbon fiber shell fixed to an aluminum face plate that houses the LCD screen. Above the LCD is a hinge that attaches the LCD faceplate to the aluminum plate that the mirror is mounted on. The mirror acts as a shade, and the custom made heavy duty friction hinge holds the mirror firmly in place so you can use the LCD when underway!

The VPOD uses the same mounting hardware as a standard CIPA M1C mirror. While not entirely water proof, the VPOD is extremely water resistant when the mirror is down.