Victoria Skimboards Wombat 2007

The Wombat was specifically created to be a multi purpose wave riding vehicle. The versatile egg shape and option of having a single, center fin box and leash plug installed allow for a variety of uses on the beach. Shaped foam blank, soft rails, slick skin top/bottom, and moderate rocker make this board ideal for wake surfing, skimboarding, surfing or bodyboarding at any break or behind any boat. The Wombat is constructed of un-crushable polypropylene foam, epoxy resin and one layer of fiberglass per side. Highly acclaimed UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene surface materials give the board greater speed than regular fiberglass boards. The skins and rails (crossed linked polyolefin) are soft, friendly, and very ding resistant.

Large – For riders 135lbs to 200lbs and up

Length: 49 inches

Width: 21 inches

Small – For riders 75lbs to 135lbs

Length: 44.5 inches

Width: 19.25