Urban Rider Tow Winch

Not only does Urban Rider open up countless new places to ride, it works great at the beach for sur'ng tow-ins and on the mountain, or back yard, for snowboarding as well.

It's easy to operate and as the of'cial winch of the King Of Winch Pro Tour and other pro events, its solid performance is con'rmed. Urban Rider is a huge success in Australia and is sure to dominate the US market. Endorsed by pro-rider Daniel Watkins, Urban Rider is part of many pro's quiver.

Urban Rider is not only competitively priced, but features the most horsepower, best clutch system, alloy frame, wheel kit and comes fully laden with everything needed to start riding now. Street price on the Watkins Pro Model is $3395 and the new 2010 units come complete with a 1000-foot spool of special high-tech line and a Straight Line Pro handle.

Winches are an expansion segment and given market conditions, they're perfectly timed. Urban Rider will be available on April 29 in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Check out the website and take a look at Daniel Watkins' endorsement and "how to" video at urbanrider.com.

For more information contact Brian Heon at 435-671-4060 or info@ridenowpro.com.