Newt Juice 2002

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| | MSRP’s: $1.99 (1 oz.); $5.99 (8 oz.); $8.99 (16 oz.); $16.99 (Newt Sac holder with full 8 oz. bottle); $29.95 (1 Gallon); $39.95 (1 Gallon w/ sprayer)Manf. Desc.: Newt Juice is thicker and not runny like other products, so more of it stays where you spray or squirt it. Newt Juice remains on the binding long enough to get into the boot and get adjusted properly, but also dissipates quickly when immersed in water so binding wraps keep the desired fit and do not slip. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.Call your local dealer to hook up with Newt Juice.–>


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