The Indo Board

If you're involved with any type of board sport, you should consider getting an Indo Board to put in your living room. Many pro wakeboarders use the Indo to improve their riding. Using the balance board will strengthen leg muscles in areas that need to be strong to ride. If you've got a knee or ankle injury, the Indo can also build up muscles around the injured area and get you back on the water faster and in better condition. Overall balance can be improved, and most of all - it's fun. You can chill out on the Indo while you talk on the phone or spin a jump 360 to warm up before you ride on the water.
Some of the tricks that can be done on an Indo Board are shuvits, ollies, grabs, 180 and 360 jump up spins, 180 and 360 board spins. Surfing moves include hang five and ten, cross-stepping, tube stalls, backside rail grabs, drop knee stalls, spinners and switch foot maneuvers. You can actually learn to surf without an ocean or waves.
The Indo Board is the result of 34 years of development and use by company owner, Hunter Joslin, long-time Florida surfer and board sport guru. It's only $99.95, and that price is well worth the investment. Check out for more information and the ability to purchase on-line or email Hunter at
Side Note: Don't be a hero your first time on it. Definitely use the board on carpet, and hold on to a wall or your friend until you feel comfortable.
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