Shafted -- Bump Films

You may think from the title that this is a sequel to last year's Shaft, but luckily, that really isn't the case. This film, from beginning to end, throws down some great wakeboarding action -- all killer, no filler.
Shot entirely on film, this movie has a great look and polished feel. You really get immersed in the varied scenes from California. Oregon, Hawaii and Florida. Unlike last year's Shaft, Shafted concen-trates on the riding and shows a mix of some of the top-ranked guys going off and keeps the off-water antics to a minimum.
Parks Bonifay mostly takes the show with two segments that include 720 whirlybirds, several variations on the 900 and just insanely huge air that further validates his talents outside of the contest arena. Other standouts include Rob Struharik's nose grab crow mobes and clean osmosis 540, Gerry's Nunns 313s and batwing to blind and Shaun Murray charging sliders everywhere including an recline booter to a l0-foot rail slide mounted on the tower of a boat.
The editing really shines in Shafted, with segments synched up perfectly with the music moving smoothly from one section to another. You can tell Mr. Bame and company put extensive resources into this film as they captured the action from every angle imaginable with insane helicopter and water-cam footage.
Shafted is definitely one of my favorite videos this year and really sets the standard for others to match. Although I would have liked to have seen a few more different riders the action is all first rate. With music by Pennywise, Freestylers, Foo Fighters, Bush and more this movie rocks. Grab a copy at your local shop or call Boardwild sales at 888-692-6273.

Watch a preview of Shafted: