Connected — Treehouse Productions

April 2, 2000

Straight outta the Westside comes Connected, a 30-minute video that combines fast riding, fast music and quick edits into a montage of wakeboarding action.
This is the second video “magazine” from the creative team of Trey Tomsik and Summer Reese, who brought you last year’s Westside. Like their previous effort, this movie focuses mostly on the riders in the Southwest and West Coast areas, with the majority being people sponsored by Trey’s Treehouse pro shop.
With great mountain backdrops, this video includes some well-known riders like Byerly, Gonzales, Collin and Nelson along with core Westside riders you haven’t seen that much lately like Igor Reoutt, Randy Harris, Steve Wahlman (nice snowboarding section), Sam Owens, Melissa Marquardt and more. Even though this video wasn’t shot on film, it flows nicely and highlights the fluid style of the riders without getting bogged down in extended slow-motion.
While Connected moves quickly through a list of over 14 riders, there are a few extended
sections that delve into the styles of Igor and Ricky Gonzales and show off some sweet monkey spins and huge airs.
In general I liked this video better than Westside but not as much as some other movies that came out earlier in the year. If you’re looking for a “to the point” video that focuses on riding mixed to a driving soundtrack without any fluff, then check out Connected.



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