Aerial Wakeboarding FreeRide Wakeboard Tower

May 22, 2010

At first glance, the new Aerial FreeRide wakeboard tower looks more like an OEM wakeboard tower than a traditional universal tower. It features a dramatic forward swoop, reinforcing buttresses along the curved frame, a twin H-top, and quick-release knobs that make it easy to fold the tower for transporting and storage. These design elements give the Aerial FreeRide wakeboard tower the style of an OEM tower only available with specialized wakeboarding boats. But the FreeRide is a universal tower, designed to fit on nearly every power boat made in the last 30 years.

The Aerial FreeRide wakeboard tower is manufactured with 2.25-inch diameter 6061 aircraft grade aluminum tubing to minimize tower flex while wakeboarding. The universal design of this wakeboard tower allows it to fit any boat from 75-100 inches wide. When folded, the FreeRide wakeboard tower will clear a standard 6-foot-11-inch garage opening for storage. Universal swivel mounts can be installed to the top or side of almost any hull.

To comply with U.S. Coast Guard standards and various state laws requiring specific lighting configurations for boats operating between sunset and sunrise or in times of restricted visibility, the Aerial FreeRide wakeboard tower features a compact-size LED white light above the tow point. The light features Attwood’s incandescent 5940 series LED that draws only 1.8 watts at 12VDC, the lowest power draw of any 2-mile all-round light on the market. Lights are rated for 50,000+ hours of use.


Racks and speakers not included.

Aerial FreeRide Wakeboard Tower Features:

— 2.25-inch tubing

— 6061 aircraft aluminum


— U.S. Coast Guard-certified, 2-mile, all-round LED white navigation light rated for 50,000-plus hours of use

— Universal fitting from 75-to-100-inch-wide boats

— Universal swivel mounts for all deck shapes


— Folds down easily

— Easy to install

— 5-Year Warranty


— Polished aluminum finish

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