Westside #1 - Treehouse Productions

Westsiiiiiide! Definitely the word to use to describe this video from Trey Tomsik. Billed as a video "magazine," this tape features many riders you've heard of (Harris, Gonzales, Igor, Wright, etc.) and some you don't see too often (Sam Owens, Scott Schneider, Kris Burke and Chris Patten, who goes off), all charging among the barren hills of Southern California and surrounding areas. This video has some good riding in it but is lacking somewhat in quality. The best sections are Colin's sick double-grab blind 3s and blind method 5s, along with Chris Patten, who wins the "buya!" award for kicking it huge off the double-up.
The main things that I didn't like about this video were the constant gangsta rap sound track, the overall video quality and the fact that some key westsiders were missing, like Nelson, Wahlman and others. But give props to the WSR and get ahold of this video.