Six Pack - Sidewayz

As the heat of summer soaks on, you'll have no problem quenching your thirst for insane wakeboarding action with this latest video from the guys at Sidewayz.
Showcasing a "six pack" of some of the best riders today (Necrason, Murray, Byerly, Bonifay, Shapiro and Wright) this video has sick action from start to stop. You travel via skateboard to each rider's domain and watch as they stomp some of the hardest moves you'll ever see, like Parks' toe-side S-Bend, Colin's double-grab re-wind spins, Murray's ultra-late blind judge and Shapiro's extra-wide tantrum to blind. To mix it all up, they throw in some funny chase scenes, bowling, break dancing, and motocross action - all by the riders themselves. This video will definitely get you off the couch and on the water.
Six Pack also features insightful interviews with each rider and sets it's groove to music by The FreeStylers, Silverchair, and D.J. Technique.