Ride - 416 Films

Since it was slated to come out last year but had a few technical difficulties, you've probably been waiting awhile to get your copy of Ride. I'm happy to say this video was worth the wait.
Instead of just releasing old footage from last year, Mr. Wadlinger and company went out and got some great new footage, dropped down some choice beats and blended the mix with quality shots they already had. The result is a 30-plus minute video of nothing but solid riding.
With a little help from the water-cam wizardry of Danny Vanzura, Ride has nice sections on Scott Byerly (one of his best ever), Gregg Necrason and Ryan Wolfe. You also see good riding from others not often in videos, like Charley Patterson, Andy Lazarus and Josh Sanders.
This video also mixes it up with different effects like wide-screen views, monochrome colorizing and solarization - pretty trippy. Check it out at your local dealer or call 800-727-6689 to order. You can also order this video from Video Action Sports on the Web: www.videoactionsports.com.