My House – FLF

The Fall Line guys go back to their roots in this video, capturing some of the top riders killing it in their own backyards. Unlike May Day, this video heads in a new direction that concentrates on each rider’s home setting and personality and mixes off-water footage with their riding segments to give a varied look at their lifestyles.
You’ll see most of the usual suspects in this movie – Byerly, Murray, Harris, Nelson, Horrell, Mikacich and Necrason. But you’ll also get a glimpse at the future with footage of Shawn Watson, Daniel Harf, Bryan Kennedy, J.D. Webb and others.
Although only 30 minutes in length, My House is full of great action. Set to a varied mix of rock, rap, punk and mellow beats, this video shows each rider from different angles throwing a variety of moves. You can really see how pro wakeboarding has progressed as several riders all end their segments with 720s (Harris, Staker, Wright and Murray) and mix it up with off-axis spins (Byerly, Staker, Jobe, Wright, Gonzales), and many do extended slider sections on multi-tiered and multi-shaped sliders (Heavener, Necrason, Watson, etc.).
Some of the better sections, I thought, were: Randy Harris (melan 3 over dock, huge blind 3s and a 720), Matt Staker (cool overhead footage by Papa Staker, off-axis 540s, sliders, mix of inverts, 720s), Cobe Mikacich (funny car section, huge mobes), and Chase Heavener (nose grab blind 360s, head cam). I was somewhat disappointed in that most of the tube shots were blurry and the color seemed flat in many parts.
One other amazing thing on this video is the coverage of the sick Carnival (don’t try this at home) slider contest at the end of the tape. Although the riding is incredible, it is amazing that they even got the footage, mixed it in a week and released the video on time; you feel like you were just there watching it.
Overall, a solid video which, although short, will definitely get you amped to ride and leave you plenty of time to get on the water.