Fire It Up - AstroDeck/Fletcher Media

If you like a video with a large variety of riders and terrain, check out Herbie Fletcher's new epic adventure, Fire It Up. At over an hour long, this video goes from Mexico to Florida to Nevada to Hawaii with cool riding in each place.
It starts off with the Bad Ass crew's trip to Baja, Mexico (as featured in WBM April '99), where you see Byerly, Clem, Fletcher and company launch in the surf on wakeboards and hybrid surfboards. From there, it's back to Florida for riding by Wahlman and a cool wakeskate section that features McGuckin, Horrell and Randy Harris along with riding by Pat Panakos, Andy Laz and Mike McLin.
Fire It Up also has a large surfing section with scenes of Andy Irons, Shea Lopez and Christian Fletcher in California and some crazy tow-in out in Hawaii with Aaron Lambert, Ken Bradshaw and others - the true meaning of extreme.
This video also features some west coast riders you don't see too much like Chris Sayers, Keith Kipp, Matt Purdy and Sean Seagren ripping it in Nevada. It also has a nice unedited section with Colin Wright in which you can really appreciate his spinning mastery. Closing out the video is Randy Harris' part which (although pretty old) was good.
Filling in the gaps, Fire It Up has plenty of contest riding (X Games), crash sections and general craziness. Set to the music of Primus, Slayer, No Fun At All and Pennywise, you can imagine it is adrenaline-fueled throughout. Check it at your local dealer or call 800-331-9249 to order.