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August 28, 2015

Gear | Wakesurfers

Preference is king in the wakesurf category, more than in any other sport behind the boat. You can wakesurf on practically anything — seriously, you could even wakesurf on a door. Don’t believe us? Google it. Why then care about what board you ride, you ask? Well, if you’ve ever surfed a door, you’ll know that it’s just not as much fun. And that’s what it’s all about: having fun. Go test out a few shapes, find out what surf vibes you prefer, and get after it — heck, you may even find that you’d prefer an entire quiver of shapes to satisfy any craving. Happy surfing!

Byerly Buzz

4’8″, 5’2″

Designed to combine the best of both a skim- and surf-style ride, the Byerly Buzz is a fast, lively shape that’s easily maneuverable and quick from edge to edge. It’s constructed with a Dura-Shell and an EPS core to keep it durable yet buoyant and surfy underfoot. For 2015, Byerly also added a Future Fin System for limitless fin customization.


MSRP: $565


4’8″, 4’11”


The AMG’s carbon construction is light and rigid for an incredible response on the water. The FCS fins, perimeter shape and thin profile give the board a comfortable amount of drive at the wake without locking you in or bogging you down. Whether you’re airing out of the wake or just carving it up, the AMG won’t hold you back.

MSRP: $600


Hyperlite Quad


The Quad is a surf-style shape with a customizable four-fin configuration designed underfoot of Santa Cruz native Mike Schwenne. Its versatile size can keep the bigger dudes afloat and add extra drive for smaller surf waves — but don’t underestimate its responsiveness. The Quad can still boost big airs and deliver genuine surf vibes to your whole crew.


MSRP: $675

Liquid Force Happy Pill

4′, 4’4″, 4’8″, 5’2″

Just what the doctor ordered! The Happy Pill is a short and stubby versatile surfer with a reconfigurable fin setup. It comes with three sets of fins and five fin blocks for tracking that’s completely customizable. The stubby tail of the board provides extra push at the wake, keeping the Happy Pill buoyant and maneuverable underfoot, with minimal drag.

MSRP: $580

O’Brien Tesani

4’3″, 4’8″, 5’4″

Like doing technical skim-style tricks, but don’t like the clunkiness of a skimboard? The O’Brien Tesani is a smooth, pintail skim-style shape with a surf-style construction. This makes it incredibly light and buoyant underfoot. The Tesani’s perimeter shape is nearly symmetric as well, so you won’t skip a beat when riding switch and getting techy with your tricks.

MSRP: $600

Ronix Carbon Powertail

4’5″, 4’11”

If you’re looking for a responsive, all-around surfer with a ton of drive, you’ve found it. The Carbon Powertail’s wide tail shape, combined with a fast rocker line, gives it a lot of push at the wake for big airs or effortless cruising. The carbon construction keeps it light, strong and incredibly responsive, while the concave top deck keeps sensitivity high underfoot.

MSRP: $730

Slingshot Skim Bender

52″, 56″

A great shape at a great price, the Skim Bender was designed with your whole crew in mind — a low-hassle easy rider that feels good underfoot. Its convenient size and flatter rocker let it fit in most board racks, settle comfortably into the pocket of the wave without the drag, and keep the buoyancy down during deepwater starts for first-timers.

MSRP: $399


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