August Sessions

Check out some amazing wakeboarding images.

August 27, 2015

Here it is! The digital version of the Photo Sessions section from our August Issue aptly named “The Photo Issue” — Check ’em out! There’s some really good ones in here. And as always, a huge shout out to the riders and photographers who captured these moments. Enjoy!

Danny Harf wakeboarding
Danny Harf – Method – Clermont, FL Rodrigo Donoso
Danny Hampson
Danny Hampson – Frontside 360 Bigspin – Clermont, FL Bryan Soderlind
Massi Piffaretti wakeboarding
Massi Piffaretti – Tuck Knee Tantrum to blind – Orlando, FL Rodrigo Donoso
Shane Bonifay wakeboarding
Shane Bonifay – Nose Press – The Green Swamp, FL Bryan Soderlind
Josh Twelker wakeboarding
Josh Twelker – Method – Discovery Bay, CA Rodrigo Donoso
Rusty Malinoski wakeboarding
Rusty Malinoski – Melon – Clermont, FL Bryan Soderlind
Jimmy LaRiche wakeboarding
Jimmy LaRiche – Switch Mute Frontside 360 – Orlando, FL Jason Lee

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