Gear — Roundup: Supportive Boots

Gear | Round-Up: Supportive Boots

Photo: Peter Vahlfridsson

If ankle support is a priority for you, then you’re in luck. We’ve selected some of our favorite supportive boots from the brands you love to make your shopping experience a breeze. These boots are not only designed to be more supportive for the structure of your foot, but they are also more responsive, making your movement translate directly to the board more accurately and without delay. That being said, this extra support makes the boot inherently stiffer. So there is a bit of a trade-off and a balance to be found between support and flexibility. But remember, less flexibility doesn’t always mean less comfort. Nowadays, this category has become so ergonomically advanced that even the most supportive boots have become undeniably comfortable. Choose wisely!

Byerly Shift

The Shift boot is a staple in the Byerly boot line. This thing is simple, tough and responsive. The Shift is a traditional, dual front-lace boot that features a new dual-density foot bed and a low-profile plate system to keep your foot supported while maintaining a sensitive foot-to-board feel. No wonder it is a favorite among the Byerly team.


MSRP: $395


If you’ve ever seen Mike Dowdy ride, you’ll quickly understand why he favors a more responsive boot. Sitting as the tallest and stiffest boot in the CWB line, the MD features a high-cut cuff, deep heel pockets with Achilles pads for superior ankle support, an impact strap integrated into the laces for extra heel hold-down, and a cushioned inner liner for extra comfort right where you need it.


MSRP: $430

Hyperlite Marek

Rusty Malinoski’s pro-model boot, the Hyperlite Marek, is built to be tough, comfortable, high tech and supportive. The Marek boot features heat-moldable liners, EVA-lite outsoles, a traditional upper lace zone, and a Boa system in the lower zone. Combine the Marek boot with the Hyperlite System binding, and you’ve got one of the most supportive and responsive boots on the market.


MSRP: $375

Liquid Force Vantage CT

The Liquid Force Vantage CT is designed for the aggressive rider who wants extra support. The Vantage CT features an articulating cuff, a three-strap Velcro system for easy entry, and all the other goodies that come standard on high-end Liquid Force boots. It is currently ridden and loved by both Kevin Henshaw and Tom Fooshee behind the boat and at the cable. Need any more evidence than that? We didn’t think so.


MSRP: $400

O’Brien GTX

The O’Brien GTX is a medium- to stiff-flex boot that is incredibly supportive underfoot. The Chassis are canted at 2.5 degrees to ease stress on your legs, and the Power Arch built into the foot bed provides unmatched arch support on long sets and higher impact tricks. The GTX boots also come in both yellow and white colorways to match your setup — which we all know is a crucial part of the decision.

MSRP: $385

Ronix Code 55

Have you seen Dean Smith charge way into the flats? Of course you have. Sitting under Dean’s feet for 2015, the Code 55 boot is incredibly responsive and supportive, featuring Brainframe technology, heat-molded asymmetrical Intuition liners, Feetbelts, double-stuffed foot beds, and many other features designed to cut down on unnecessary bulk and increase performance.

MSRP: $530

Slingshot Shredtown

The Shredtown boots have been a big hit since they first hit the market — and for good reason. The removable inner liners keep you protected from whatever rough terrain you might encounter, and the Velcro straps are now stronger, thinner and more flexible for 2015. If you ride cable and haven’t checked out these babies in person, you don’t know what you’re missing.

MSRP: $449