Gear Pack: Summer Send Off!

May 26, 2015

Memorial Day has officially kicked off summer and to celebrate we’re hitting you with some gear ideas to get your season going in the right direction. While picking the right set-up is always the hardest decision of the year, we’re here to help and give you some insight on a the Gear Pack we think is just right to kick things off (keeping in mind some of you may be still battling a little chilly water). Stay tuned all summer, we’ll have various Gear Packs hitting our site for every situation you may encounter.

Ronix | Bandwagon ATR

Things we like:


-Lightweight and flexible for a lively feel underfoot.

-Dished-up snowboard-style tips for confident, catch-free presses in the park.

-Camber shape for a completely different pop and feel on the water.


MSRP: $510

Ronix | One Boot (in Anodized Cherries)


Things we like:

-Heat-moldable, asymmetrical Intuition liners for maximum comfort.

-Brainframe construction for a responsive yet lightweight feel.


-Available in three colorways.

MSRP: $530

Hyperlite | Marek Pro Package Rope and Handle

Grip Material: Traditional chamois

Standout Feature: It floats! Both the rope and handle are positively buoyant, and the silicone flat line is coated and pressed flat, so it’s less likely to knot up on you.

Rope Lengths: 65, 70, 75, 80, 82.5 | 85 feet

Rope Coating: Silicone

MSRP: $205

JetPilot | Cause Short-Sleeve Spring 2 mm

Things we like:

– Flush-loc seams make this suit really strong and keep out water.

– Flex-lite neoprene panels stretch to your movements.

– Seal skin panels keep the suit tight to your body.

MSRP: $90

Body Glove | Rusty Malinoski/Rockstar Signature Comp Vest

Things We Like:

– Super stretchy and comfortable Magnaflex shell.

– Lightweight and floaty Aerolite foam.

– Segmented panels for really good flexibility.

MSRP: $130


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