Round Up – Park Boards

May 9, 2015

Park Boards

Most boards these days are built to withstand the beating that they will inevitably receive when riding on anything besides water. So, the main things to look for when you’re in the market for a park board are the flex and rocker. The flex pattern is based mainly on personal preference no matter how you look at it, and more rocker means deeper presses but slower glide speed, and vice versa. In reality, it all boils down to how comfortable it feels underfoot — oh, and killer graphics, of course.

Byerly Felix | 51, 54, 56 in.

If you didn’t see Cody Hesse ride the Byerly Felix in the product video, head over to our site right now and check it out. If this board can perform anything like that when a normal human rides it, then we’re sold. The Felix features a continuous rocker, a thinner flex-specific design, carbon-composite construction, and a full-perimeter energy-ring sidewall. This is a durable, agile flex-friendly board designed to feel right at home in the park.

Advertisement | MSRP: $450 (51 in.)** / $565** (54, 56 in.)

CWB Woodro | 140, 146 cm

The CWB Woodro features an all-wood core, ABS sidewalls, soft-flex pattern, and a healthy amount of rocker to keep the board durable yet lively in the park. The subtle recessed edge channels provide added traction on the water while remaining catch-free on rails. The unique 8-up insert-pattern option, designed to work with the CWB Prizm boot, keeps the mounting hardware underfoot, allowing the board to flex naturally without the limitations of a wide base plate.

Advertisement | MSRP: $480

Hyperlite PBJ | 133, 138, 143 cm

The Hyperlite PBJ, or “Park Board for Jibbing,” as we like to call it, is a brand-new shape for 2015. It’s everything you need in a board that can take a beating in the park. The continuous rocker and featureless base make it smooth and fast on rails, the full-perimeter ABS sidewall keeps it durable, and the wood core gives it a lively personality underfoot. If you’re looking for a simple shape to keep the good vibes flowing, then the PBJ is your jam!

Advertisement | MSRP: $450

Liquid Force Raph | 135, 139, 143 cm

Have you seen Raph Derome ride lately? It’s no surprise that he demands only the highest quality and performance out of his park board. The core of the Raph features three wood stringers that are strategically thinned out for a lively, strong and yet flexible feel underfoot. The base features subtle edge channels that stay catch-free on rails with slightly dished-out tips for stability on pipe rails. At no point did Liquid Force compromise here; this is the real deal.

Advertisement | MSRP: $530

O’Brien Breddas | 133, 138, 143cm

Brand new for 2015, the O’Brien Breddas is pro model to the Hoppe brothers, Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremiah Hoppe, and is a cable-park favorite among the team — and for good reason. The Breddas features an all-wood core, incredibly durable edges and base material, a unique rocker aimed at enhancing your presses, and a thinned-out profile to keep it light and lively underfoot. This is one you’ve got to see in person to fully appreciate.

obrien.comMSRP: $640

Ronix Kinetik Project | Small, Standard

The Kinetik Project is a pretty unique park board. There are some features Ronix added here that you just won’t see anywhere else. From the snowboard inspired turned-up tips, to the recessed edge channels that run the length of the board, and more. The most interesting feature, however, is the core. Ronix laid the wood at different angles and shapes to give the flex pattern the right response in strategic sections underfoot. Pretty impressive. | MSRP: $610

Slingshot Terrain | 136, 140, 144 cm

Brand new for 2015, the Slingshot Terrain is by far the softest flex wakeboard that Slingshot has ever put to market. The Terrain was built exclusively for the park and aimed at helping you press deeper on rails while remaining genuinely playful underfoot. Additionally, it comes completely finless — encouraging proper edging techniques right off the bat. So if you are new to the cable or just want to take full advantage of the flex capabilities, the Slingshot Terrain might be your ticket. | MSRP: $419


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