Wakesurf This: Tigé Z3

Are you ready for a treat? Slam the Tigé Z3 with ballast, and prepare for one of the best surf sessions of your life. Tigé does listed surfing incredibly well across the line, but the Z3 is the clear winner. Something about the traditional bow and the ConvexV hull listed at about 7 degrees produces a surf phenomenon that marries power and shape in perfect harmony. New for 2015, the Z3 is even better with the AVX surf system. The package consists of seven different features, but the standouts are the AdaptiVX hull extension and the Surf Link Remote. AdaptiVX is a wing mounted to the transom that moves to the Surf Line Remote to control the shape of the wave. You can customize your wave while you’re surfing without a word to the driver, which is absolutely huge. How much does the wave change? It’s dramatic, to say the least. The pocket changes as you’re moving in increments from 1-10, and you can see the boat’s running attitude change substantially. The remote floats and straps to your wrist so you won’t lose it. The whole system ties into the new and improved TigéTouch, which boasts an updated user interface featuring multiple home screens with customizable buttons. New for 2015, Tigés come equipped with the Indmar Raptor line of engines, which are specifically made for water sports to deliver low-end torque at the highest level. Quicker hole shots, quieter running and better fuel efficiency are the hallmarks of the Raptor brand, all while fully loaded.

DIG THIS: The AVX Surf System consists of three different main components: the AdaptiVX hull extension, Surf Link Remote and Surf XL ballast. The three features work in concert to produce the Z3’s epic surf wave, and although a boat could technically work without surf-specific ballast, Tigé won’t allow it. The company wants to make sure every surf experience is nothing short of stellar, and that can’t happen without the Surf XL ballast, so the three have to be bought together — and trust us, you won’t regret it when you’re slaying customizable barrels this summer.

STAT: How does Tigé come up with such next-level interiors? It’s not an accident. Marketing director and many-hat-wearer Danny Gutierrez takes personal charge of the interior on every single model. They tried everything from sketching on napkins to 3-D programs, but something would always get lost from the concept to the execution, so Gutierrez finally landed on having the boat covered with foam and drawing in the exact lines with markers so the interiors would come out perfect every time.

Length 23’
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 4,800 lb.
Fuel Capacity 48 gal.
Seating Capacity 16
Standard Ballast Optional
Maximum Ballast 3,500 lb.
Standard Horsepower 350 hp
Maximum Horsepower 575 hp