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Soft Flex Boots

If your feet aren’t happy, then you probably won’t be either. Your boots just might be the most important part of your setup, so it’s important that you do some research to get it right. Some riders prefer boots with extra support, while others like boots that have a softer flex, favoring mobility. This mobility frees up the rider to poke out grabs and style out tricks with ease. If flex and mobility is a priority for you, then you’re in luck. Feast your eyes on our soft-flex boot lineup, and pick out a pair.

Byerly System Boot

Designed to meet the needs of the Byerly Team, the System Boot has a moderate amount of flex for a happy medium between support and mobility. Constructed with high-quality materials, the System Boot features a heat-moldable liner, a lightweight EVA outsole with heel-impact inserts, custom memory-foam insoles, and a traditional lacing system with integrated heel hold, and an extra set of alternate color laces to customize your look and fit.


byerlywakeboards.comMSRP: $350


Have you ever seen Josh Twelker poke a grab? No wonder the JTs have been the most popular boot in the CWB line for years. These things have all the lateral flex you can ask for, with high performance toe to heel response to back it up. The JT features low-profile infinity plates underfoot, a dual-lacing system with an integrated impact heel strap, a deep heel pocket with built-in Achilles pads, and a mesh panel construction for reduced weight.

Advertisement | MSRP: $350

Hyperlite Webb

JD Webb’s pro-model boots and the word “comfortable” have been synonymous for years — with 2015 being no exception. JD’s boot philosophy is that the support should come from the System Binding itself, allowing the boot to remain comfortable and flexible. The Webb boot features a lightweight EVA outsole with impact pods for a thin, potent cushion underfoot, a traditional front-lacing system with integrated heel retention, heat-moldable liners, and a lower-cut cuff for maximum comfort and mobility.


hyperlite.comMSRP: $315

Liquid Force TAO

Sometimes, simplicity is key — especially when it comes to flexible boots. Daniel Grant’s pro-model boot, the TAO, features a unique linerless construction. There is no separate inner liner or outer shell. They are built into one durable integrated upper. This cuts down on weight, price, and allows for more comfort and mobility while riding. The TAO also comes standard on Liquid Force’s IPX chassis system and 3-D molded EVA footbed.

Advertisement | MSRP: $300

O’Brien Nomad

There are two main features that set the O’Brien Nomad apart: a soft, flexible fit and a secure, supportive foot to board connection. The single-panel upper keeps the construction simple and the flex pattern soft, while the dual-lace zones with integrated TPU ankle straps and a Power Arch built into the footbeds. These features create a secure, customizable fit with reduced heel lift and extra arch support. They are also available in three colorways: red, white and blue. | MSRP: $360

Ronix Parks (Chameleon Volcano)

The Parks boot is pretty impressive. Between the Brainframe Technology, asymmetrical Intuition liners, low-cut articulating cuff, Feetbelts, an alternate colorway, Double Stuff footbeds and more, there isn’t a part of this boot that doesn’t have a specific purpose. One feature of particular interest is the fully perforated inner liners. Not only does this make them more flexible, but it also allows them to air-dry rapidly and cuts down on overall weight. Ronix really thought this one through.

ronixwake.comMSRP: $530

Slingshot RAD

The RAD boot is a favorite among the Slingshot team, designed to blend high-end comfort and performance both behind the boat and at the cable park. The features include a bottomless base, a moldable liner with a 3-D molded, seamless tongue, built-in J-bars, and more. The RAD also includes a dual-zone closure system, placing laces in the lower zone and a Velcro strap in the upper, blending the benefits of both laces and Velcro where you need them most.

slingshotsports.comMSRP: $449