Wakesurf This: Centurion FS33

Is Wakesurfing a priority for you? If it is, then this article featuring the Centurion FS33 from our Boathouse section in the March issue is right up your alley. There’s a few unique features about this boat that you should take a look at. Enjoy!

Centurion’s Enzo FS33 is the company’s best boat to date. Period. This boat is the culmination of every model to come before it in terms of performance, technology and style, and the result is an absolute surf monster. The lounge has flip-up seating that allows passengers to face backward to see the action without straining their necks, which is a great feature for long surf sets. The helm features two digital screens to separate and simplify all the boat’s functions. The system can store rider presets to call up everything you need to get a specific wave at a moment’s notice. The boat does all the work. For a solid port surf jumping-off point, try loading the FS33 with 100 percent port ballast, 20 to 40 percent starboard, and 100 percent bow. If you have the optional World Wakesurfing plug and play ballast, fill that to 100 percent on the side you want to surf. For starboard surfing, do equal amounts on the opposite side. From there you can tweak the Wing Plate and CATS to your liking. Whether you want a steep and short wave with a ton of power or a flatter wave with a massive pocket, the FS33 can deliver with a few simple adjustments of the underwater gear.

DIG THIS: Centurion’s Ramfill ballast is a gravity-/motion-filling weight system that floods the inside of the hull to absolutely massive amounts of weight in an incredibly short amount of time. The ballast ties into Centurion’s touch screen for a quick and easy visual interface that won’t leave you guessing what’s full and what’s empty.


STAT: Originally introduced in 1990 and then rereleased in 2014, the CATS system helps a Centurion boat shape wakes to the rider’s preference. The system was originally designed to help drivers stay perfectly straight in the slalom course, but Centurion recognized how the technology could be reapplied to the changing water-sports landscape to enhance wakes.

Length 23′
Beam 102″
Dry Weight 4,600 lb.
Fuel Capacity 72 gal.
Seating Capacity 16
Standard Ballast N/A
Maximum Factory Ballast N/A
Standard Horsepower 409 hp
Maximum Horsepower 550 hp