Flagship: MasterCraft X-Star

It’s hard to overstate the XStar’s contribution to the sport. This flagship has pulled so many wakeboarding firsts, we can’t even name them here, and the current XStar iteration is the most tech-forward, heavily weighted, stylized wake machine we’ve seen from MasterCraft. It all starts with the hull. The 24-foot XStar hull was designed to wakeboard — and it does so at the highest level — but its surf game is just as strong with the Gen2 Surf System. Gen2 allows you to keep the boat evenly weighted the entire time and surf either side while underway. Like all MasterCraft models, the Gen2 surf system was specifically tailored to the XStar’s hull to ensure maximum power and symmetry to the surf wave. Transfers are quick and easy because both sides are symmetrical, and all the wake shaping is tied together through the three digital screens at the dash. Seating is well thought out from bow to stern, with forward- and rear-facing options that all have a contoured back for maximum comfort. A standout is the convertible rear bench seat, which quickly and easily transitions from social bench seat to rear facing to sun pad. The vinyl is all top-notch marine grade with multiple color options and textures. The sun pad walkover is covered with high-density foam so people can easily get to the transom, where there’s another foam-covered step and an oversize platform with an eased edge perfect for staging riding. Outside, the XStar’s unique profile and multiple color combinations immediately get noticed. From the pickle-fork bow to the kinked rub rail, there truly is no other boat on the water like the XStar.

Length 24′
Beam 102″
Dry Weight 5,400 lb.
Fuel Capacity 74 gal.
Seating Capacity 13
Standard Ballast 1,400 lb.
Max Ballast 2,450 lb.
Standard Horsepower 382 hp
Maximum Horsepower 522 hp


The helm of the XStar is something out of a science-fiction movie. Everything is shining billet aluminum with beveled edges and ideal placement for ease of use. The center screen pops up when you need it and stows away flush with the dash when you want a lower profile.



The original XStar started out as a Prostar 205 that was made into a V drive. It was so popular that MasterCraft immediately put it into production under a new name. The now-legendary XStar handle paid homage to the X Games, which was a major contributor to the growth of the sport at that time.

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