Round Up – New Shapes for 2015!

Gear | Round Up: New Shapes for 2015

This category is exciting for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s our first roundup for the year, and for many of you, it’s your first time laying eyes on these brand-new shapes. It’s hard not to take a moment to drool over the hot new information now at your fingertips. Second, each shape itself goes through a rigorous testing process before it’s brought to market. The individuals who perfected this gear bring a wealth of knowledge about what a board should feel like under your feet, and the manufacturing know-how to make that concept a reality. And finally, the anticipation of getting to ride one of these in the approaching season is off the charts. It’s funny how each board has its own personality. Matching that with your riding style is key for maximizing your on-the-water enjoyment. Because who knows? Your favorite board of all time might be in this lineup. Think about it.

Byerly Buck | 54.5, 56.5 in.


The Byerly Buck is a completely new addition to the Byerly line for 2015. There are a few features that set this board apart. First, the fiberglass-rope construction adds strength and rigidity to the perimeter, allowing for a thinner overall profile with less swing weight and exceptional strength. Additionally, the continuous rocker keeps it fast and consistent, while the wide tip and tail give this board a hefty dose of pop at the wake.

byerlywakeboards.comMSRP: $375

CWB The Standard | 139, 143 cm


Josh Twelker has been heard saying that this is the best board he’s ever ridden. After reading up on the board’s features, we might know why. A heavy dose of continuous rocker, combined with a wide square tip and tail, gives this board a consistent kick with a lot of push at the wake. The Standard also has a thin profile that adds a small amount of tip flex to dampen your landings, while the variable edge keeps your rails catch-free, making this board very user-friendly.

ridecwb.comMSRP: $400

Hyperlite Baseline | 131, 136, 141 cm


The Baseline was specifically designed from head to toe for progression by the one-and-only Shaun Murray. This board has it all: a variable edge, wider profile, continuous rocker and more. One of our favorite features in particular is the extra integrated fin holes, which allow the rider to adjust the distance each fin is from the end of the board, affecting how tight or loose the board tracks, and how quickly it releases off the wake.

hyperlite.comMSRP: $375

Liquid Force RDX | 134, 138, 142 cm


Raph Derome has come out with some pretty impressive end-of-season edits over the past few years. All of which have insane park and boat riding in them. It only makes sense that everything in his quiver should have his name and stamp of approval on it. Raph’s pro-model boat board for 2015, the RDX, features molded-in fins for playful traction, a progressive three-stage rocker for a nice kick at the wake, and low-volume rails for added control on edge.

liquidforce.comMSRP: $430

O’Brien CTP | 129, 135, 141 cm

Cory Teunissen had a breakthrough year in 2014, to say the least. It’s no wonder O’Brien rewarded him with his first pro model, Cory Teunissen Project, or CTP, for short. With a heavy influence from his previous board, the CTP features strategic carbon-fiber elements to make this board stiff yet snappy at the wake, while the stepped delta channels on the base decrease drag and make the board feel faster on the water.

obrien.comMSRP: $450

Ronix One ATR with Carbon | 134, 138, 142, 146 cm

Danny Harf’s pro model got quite the face-lift for 2015. The construction is completely different from years past, making it lighter, thinner, faster and more durable than ever. The ATR with Carbon is the midflex option in the One Collection, combining soft landings with snappy, responsive takeoffs. In the park or behind the boat, this quiver-killer will provide you with a unique pro-level performance that you won’t find anywhere else.

ronixwake.comMSRP: $530

Slingshot Nomad | 150, 155, 160 cm

You’ve probably heard of the Nomad by now, but if you haven’t ridden this thing yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Riding a board in this size range is a liberating feeling. For first-timers and bigger riders especially, the increase in surface area combined with the soft flex pattern makes the Nomad glide effortlessly across the water, pop hard, and land absurdly soft. Why not bring long-board vibes to the wake?

slingshotsports.comMSRP: $419