Top 10: Web Videos of 2014!

Here they are! These are the best of the best. The Top 10 videos of 2014! This is the most entertaining, motivating, and down-right exciting aspect of wakeboard spectating. A huge thanks to the incredibly talented group of riders and filmers that created them. Check ’em out!

Rather than add my commentary before each video, we’ll walk you through the countdown by letting the videos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

10 – Mike Schwenne | Search for Simplicity

9 – Breddas | We Love Wakeboarding

8 – Rusty Malinoski | The Extra Mile


7 – Jeff Langley | The Lone Wolf

6 – Graeme Burress | Home on the Road

5 – Jeff House | Jeff

4 – JD Webb | Run, Run, Run

3 – Graeme Burress | Crazy or Reckless

2 – JD Webb | Another One Down

1 – Brenton Priestly | Pro Spotlight


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