Videos: Tigé MyWake Global Challenge

The Tigé MyWake Global Challenge is in full force. Pro riders and amateurs from all over the globe are sending in their submissions to win the cash that Tigé is offering to the winners of each of their categories. It's pretty cool to see some of these roll in. The Video of the Year category is currently open and receiving submissions until the 24th for a total purse of $10,000 — so we may have to revisit this when those submissions are in. But for now, we figured we'd highlight a few of our favorites from the contest so far. Check it out!

To see all the submissions and results, go to:

Best Double Up

This is a fun one. Double ups are one of the most exciting aspects of boat riding and frankly, we love watching a good double up come together. So, in this case, we're going to give you more than you bargained for by throwing all of our favorite submissions at you all at once. Double flips, 1080's, they're all in there. Enjoy!

Aaron Rathy

Harley Clifford

Cory Teunissen

Rusty Malinoski

Darin Shapiro

Dean Smith

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Best 3 Trick Line

We've shown you Harley's 3 trick line in the past, but it's worth watching again, especially when it's followed by Tony's and Dean's submission. Enjoy!

Harley Clifford

Tony Carroll

Dean Smith

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Best Cable Trick

Wow. It's impressive just how much the cable scene has improved in the last few years. These guys don't mess around. A solidly grabbed 1080, mobe 7, and a grabbed double flip mobe awaits you. Check them out!

Aaron Gunn

Tom Fooshee

Cody Hess