Vest of the Month: Slasher Comp Vest by O'Neill

It's time for April's Vest of the Month! This Month, we chose the Slasher Comp Vest by O'Neill. This vest has more fancy tech than meets the eye. Take a closer look and see why this comp vest might just give you the extra edge you need to kill it in the contests this season. Check it out!

Vest of the Month: Slasher Comp Vest by O'Neill

O'Neill really outdid itself this time. The Slasher Comp Vest is incredibly lightweight, flexible and anatomically segmented for maximum freedom of movement. This vest features a slim fit and a longer length in torso than your average vest so you stay covered down to your boardshorts more like you would wearing a t-shirt. The bells and whistles are also a major plus. The foam is thin, light, flexible and is spread evenly and thoroughly throughout the vest to give you even cushioning under every panel of neoprene. The foam itself is called NytroLite and is lighter, dryer, more buoyant, and offers more impact protection than conventional foam — pretty nifty stuff. This vest also features an Integrated Lumbar Design. Really the only thing that this competition vest doesn't have is a cup holder — which is a crying shame.

Aside from all the fancy tech — it's reversible! That's a nice and clever feature to keep you from getting bored with any one color way. The zipper also features a smart design that is slimming and allows the single zipper pul tab to flip to the other size when reversed rather than running two separate pull tabs which would add extra clutter. Overall, this vest has great functionality, fit, and a look that will compliment your riding no matter where you are competing.

MSRP: $130