National Safe Boating Week: Shaun Murray and his "Buddy"

As I have traveled around for coaching, I have noticed that the less frequently that boaters can access their waterways, the crazier the things get. Here in Orlando, most every day boaters are generally pretty responsible because of the amount of time they spend on the water and how unpopulated the lakes are here. When you travel to regions that have shorter seasons and fewer lakes, the guy who only gets out a few weekends a year has a tendency to disregard all safety and reason — causing their crew to act exactly like Shaun Murray's "buddy" in this video. Most of the people who will see this video are generally pretty good and have most likely seen a "buddy" out on the lake wreaking havoc. So, if you have a buddy that acts like this from time to time, share this video with him to help preserve our waterways. Thanks team!