Holiday Happenings with Mike Dowdy

This Holiday Season, we decided to bring to you a little bit more background on a few riders and what sort of Holiday Happenings they will be experiencing this year. We teamed up with Michiganian native Mike Dowdy to find out what he’ll be up to this Christmas. Check it out!

Photo by Jason Lee

TW: Where will you be spending your Christmas this year?

MD: I’m back home in Michigan for the holidays to spend it with my family and friends.


What is your favorite part about the holidays? Your least favorite part?

My favorite part is just everyone coming home to spend the holidays together, and getting to spend as much time as possible with the people I love. My least favorite is how crazy everyone gets just before christmas because their shopping isn’t done, haha. And that my sister Aubrey isn’t coming home this year 🙁

What was the best Christmas gift you remember receiving? The worst?


I have always gotten pretty awesome stuff, I don’t really think I have gotten anything to terribly bad, haha. My favorite stuff to get is new snowboard stuff or hockey gear.

Have you ever gotten a wakeboard for christmas?

I don’t think I have ever gotten a wakeboard for christmas, I have always gotten snowboard gear or hockey stuff, because winter is so long here that I did winter sports more then summer sports.


Does your family have any unique Holiday traditions you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Nothing really, Just hanging out mostly. We usually split the time between my house and my girlfriends house. A more recent tradition has been drinking Rumchata pretty much all day and playing cards against humanity.

Are there members of your family that you see during the Holidays that still don’t really know what you do or what wakeboarding is?


Haha there use to be for sure, but now most of my family has seen what I do or has some what of an idea, but they still probably don’t grasp the whole concept.

Photo by Jason Lee

What is your favorite christmas song?

The Grinch!

What is your favorite christmas movie? Do you traditionally watch it every year?

My favorite movies are the Grinch and the home alone series. I have watched both every year since I can remember. My mom usually makes us hot chocolate and we just sit around watching the movies haha.

What will you be doing tomorrow on Christmas Day 2013?

Ill be hanging out with my family and girlfriend’s family, my new pups will experience their first christmas, and of course ripping through presents!!


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