ZEAL Optics Interview with Brian Grubb

ZEAL Optics sits down with pro wakeskater Brian Grubb for a quick interview. Oh, and did we mention ZEAL teamed up with us on an Instagram contest for a chance to win a pair of ZEAL sunglasses? Well, consider yourself informed! Details after the interview. Check it out!

ZO: What's your first memory of wakeskating?

BG: My first memory wakeskating was in high school. My friends and I put grip tape on an old wakeboard and rode around behind a PWC. We saw Byerly doing it in the mags and wanted to try it.

Five words that describe your love affair with it: 

****Wakeskating is fun! Try it

What picture on your phone best describes this passion? Why? (send it over please)

How about the most epic place you've ridden that you've captured on your phone? Tell us about it and send the pic over please.

This is from a trip I recently did to the Philippines to wakeskate the rice terraces of Banaue. It's the most epic looking winch spot I've ever hit and the whole project was a great experience to be a part of.

How do you continue to see the lake differently each day and year, keeping the creativity flowing and adding to the Stoke?

Wakeskating is cool because you can ride behind anything that will pull you and have fun. If I've been riding a lot of boat I'll go ride cable or winch to change it up. There are always new tricks I want to learn and that keeps me coming back to the lake.

What's on your list of accomplishments to check off next year and beyond?

I want to win a few contests and get more people psyched on wakeskating. Sure wakeskating is challenging but that's what makes it fun! I'm always looking for new and unique places to ride all over the world so hopefully traveling to some new zones this year too.

What sunnies are you rocking this season and why?

I'm rocking the ACE and Sawyers this year. Love both those frames and the polarized lenses.

Why are you down with ZEAL?

I'm down with Zeal because I see the world the same way Zeal does. Explore more!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks to Zeal for supporting wakeskating and the Wakeskate Tour!

Instagram contest press release:

ZEAL Optics has teamed up with TransWorld Wakeboarding on an Instagram contest to give the gift of sunshine this holiday season. ZEAL and TW are all about seeing the world of wake differently - that's what creativity is all about!

Share a photo this week that sums up what wake means to you, like the one above of Brian Grubb in Thailand, and you could be seeing the lake #ThroughOurLenses with a new pair of sunglasses from ZEAL Optics and TransWorld WAKE. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow @zealoptics on Instagram

  2. Post a photo that sums up how you see wake, and tag it #SeeWakeDifferently

  3. ZEAL and TransWorld will pick their three favorite pictures on December 16

  4. Winners will be notified on Insta and get a pair of ZEAL sunglasses

Here’s to an epic season #ThroughOurLenses and stay tuned for interviews with our team riders on what wake means to them all week!