Voyage - Official Trailer

What a cool trip! This movie is scheduled to drop in the spring of 2014. I'm sure that this teaser only scratches the surface of the Huckleberry Finn style adventures that these guys run into. Looks like the riding is going to be top notch as well. Check it out!

Press release:

An all-new, 2014 Malibu WAKESETTER 23 LSV and Axis Wake A24 will appear in an upcoming feature film entitled, Voyage, produced by JAOPRO Digital Cinema.

Featuring Malibu Pro Team riders Brian Grubb and Amber Wing, the crew navigated 1,000 miles of river from Knoxville, Tennessee to New Orleans, Louisiana. In the making for five years, Voyage is a feature film documenting all the action on the water as well as the effort to disconnect from society to reconnect with the world outside. The crew even surrendered the use of their cell phones for the entire trip. Other pro riders include Collin Harrington, Jeff House and Corrie Dyer. Chad Borba of Etco Marine also joined the Voyage as the boat technician.

"Voyage was an adventure trip that took 16 people on 3 boats down the Tombigbee River. For three weeks, our mission was about putting the cell phones and technology away and just enjoying the surroundings and each other's company on the trip," Brian Grubb said. "We camped every night and never really knew what was around the next bend. The boats ran perfectly the whole time and never let us down. It was an amazing trip and the documentary will be a great film." From wakeboarding to wakeskating to wakesurfing with SURF GATE®, the JAOPRO team utilized the finest action cameras in the world and are producing a brilliant, HD film shot through the eyes of their talented cameramen.

Producer Alex Oliver said, "Voyage is all about telling a story of people pursuing their passions, rather than just another action sports film. It's about new adventures, relationships and experiences. We describe our crew as 'artists, athletes and filmmakers' on the adventure of a lifetime. This trip wasn't about showing people what you do, but rather why you do it. I hope that Voyage encourages people everywhere to stop at nothing to do what they love. I believe that with enough commitment, vision, and faith, all of us can be living the dream on a Voyage of our own."

Alex also added, "The boats were phenomenal… not one major issue in three weeks, almost 200 hours and 1,000 miles. RUGGED!"

Original Voyage Teaser:

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