Remote Philippines Trip

Here it is! The Philippines Trip full video from Remote Wakeskates is ready for you to sit back and enjoy! We blasted out the teaser a little while back and in no way was that a misrepresentation of what went down. Wakeskating is becoming more and more refined these days. Pretty epic stuff. Definitely not one to miss! Check it out!

Here's what Remote Wakeskates had to say about it:

Remote Wakeskates recently had the opportunity to shred both The Republic and The CWC wake parks in the Philippines. This mixed up with our travels on planes, motorcycle's, jeepney's, boats, tricycles and skateboards made for one of the best adventures we have ever been on and we've been on many. Follow Ben Horan, Yan Lecomte, Nick Taylor, and Josh Zentmeyer in this short which will surely make you want to jump on a plane and spend your winter in the Philippines home of the best cable park in the world!

-Silas Thurman