Top 10 Web Videos of 2013!

November 15, 2013

Here it is folks! We have narrowed down the Top 10 videos of all time in the year 2013! Whether we were trying to do you a service or just looking for an excuse to watch wakeboarding videos all day, either way, we’ve completed the list. Grab some popcorn and a soda, get comfortable, and prepare to dislike winter even more. There was some serious effort put into these videos by the athletes and filmmakers alike. Let’s start out with our #10 video of Kevin Henshaw’s 2013 season edit by Ioda Media. Fantastic riding, great song, cool scenery, this one is not one to miss! Enjoy!

Click the link below to watch #9 in our countdown!

#9: Collin Harrington – 2012 Edit


Collin Harrington accomplished more in 2012 than you did in the last 5 years and looked cool doing it. The proof is in the #9 Video of our countdown! Check it out!

#8: Trever Maur – West Coast Wonder

Trever has a unique west coast inspired style that has swept over the sport. This style of riding has influenced riders worldwide. Not only is he fun to watch, he is fun to be around. Enjoy this #8 spot in our countdown!


#7: Breddas – One Shot!

The Hoppe Brothers and their friends put together a video that turned some heads. Check out what new tricks they invented in their full length video sitting at #7 in out countdown!

#6: Shredtown – Tubular


Ever want to be in a video game? Well, I think this is as close as it gets in real life. Enjoy our #6 Video as Shredtown gets Tubular!

#5: Aaron Reed – The Road Goes On Forever

Aaron Reed takes us into some cool winch spots and completely dominates the terrain. Pretty impressive. This marks #5 in our countdown. Enjoy!


#4: Kaesen Suyderhoud – Incognito

Ever watch a wakeboard video that made you want to go snowboarding? Well, we’ve found it. Everything Kaeson does just looks awesome. Definitely check out our #4 Video of 2013, Incognito!

#3: Aaron Rathy – The Tribute

Holy cow this dude can wakeboard! We always love seeing edits of Rathy, but this one was so good that we had to make it our #3 Video of 2013! Enjoy!


#2: Indmar Trick of the Year Nominees – TransWorld Wake Awards

This video compilation is always so impressive. The best wakeboarders in the world put their bodies on the line to win the coveted “trick of the year” title. Every year I am impressed with the submissions. This video was also one of our most viewed videos of 2013, landing this in the #2 spot in our countdown! Give the people what they want!

#1: Danny Hampson – Graceland

Wow, just wow. Frontside Bigspin and Heelside Frontside 360 both into the flats? Yep. Produced by Liquid Force and Collin Harrington, this edit of Danny Hampson is mind blowing. Check out our #1 Video of all time in 2013!


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