Raph Derome - Strange Overtones Pt. 3

In this third installment of Strange Overtones, Raph Derome, a mysterious and mostly private individual, opens up about what influences his riding and keeps him feeling fresh and excited about wakeboarding every season.

By the way, that last trick at the end of the video is a frontside transfer to wallride indy tantrum to blind out. He earned a nomination for the 2013 Wake Awards Trick of the Year with the same trick, minus the backside 180. Although it is very early to think about next year's nominated tricks, this will certainly be considered.

Billabong is proud to present Part 3 of Strange Overtones, a series of videos that portrays professional Wakeboarder Raphael Derome.

"Strange Overtones was a project I’ve wanted to do for some time. This venture was a chance to have a different approach on wakeboard videos. The concept of the series was to portray the personality of the subject and showcase him in his everyday life, discussing his views and seeing what makes him think. To me, Raphael Derome was the ideal candidate for this series. In the 3rd installment, Raphael talks about how having passions outside of wakeboarding, and how they are giving him a new perception on his day to day life, while influencing his riding at the same time," says Still Not Famous.