New RAMFILL Ballast and CATS System

June 11, 2013

Centurion’s legacy as a leader in the watersports industry has been built on performance based technologies. This legacy continues today with the unveiling of the world’s most advanced ballast system and wake control technology – RAMFILL and CATS, both available on the 2014 SV244.


Centurion Boats announced today the release of the all-new 2014 Enzo SV244, its flagship watersports towboat. Rick Lee, Centurion’s founder and lead development engineer said, “Once again we started with some wild ideas and through our team’s hard work and dedication, we were able to bring them to life. The end result of our effort was more than we could have asked for. For the first time in watersports towboat history, a boater can completely control the multi-axis wake shape and size from the cockpit in seconds.”

In 1996, Centurion developed the first wake surf specific boat, the Centurion Wave. The Wave was the first boat to introduce automated, built-in ballast that is now standard on all wakeboard specific boats. The Wave had an air vent, a rear drain and an underwater fill scoop. Released into production in 1997, the Wave was named WakeBoarding Magazine’s Most Innovative New Boat.


NEW! Ramfill Ballast System

With Centurion’s commitment to wake sports’ innovation, Centurion is proud to reintroduce the Ramfill ballast technology. Ramfill uses an underwater scoop that floods the liner with the touch of a button on the Centurion Touch Vision System. The Ramfill ballast system allows the boater to fill ballast tanks in seconds, not minutes. The Ramfill drain is a valve located on the transom that releases the water. The Ramfill air vents allow for maximum water capacity and with no pumps or fatsacs. Ramfill is the absolute quickest ballast system available.

NEW! Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS)


In 1990, Ski Centurion introduced the patented Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) to enhance a ski boat’s steering and tracking ability. In 2014, Centurion has done it again, this time introducing a CATS fin with a focus on adjusting for the perfect wake. Through a steering column lever or Touch Vision System, the new CATS fin articulates under the boat on command. While the boat is underway, the CATS fin will deflect the bow of the boat so each rider can manipulate the shape of the wave giving total control of the face, vertical aspect, length and position. While wake surfing with a CATS fin equipped boat and its instant wave adjustments, riders can take their surfing to the next level. Not limited to wake surfing, the new CATS also helps adjust wakeboard wakes without changing onboard ballast or moving people about the boat. Simply adjust the CATS fin port or starboard – based on your boat’s weight with crew and gear – instantly perfecting the wake.

NEW! Asymmetrical Wing Plate

The 2014 Enzo SV244 also includes the all-new Asymmetrical Wing Plate, which provides another level of wave adjustability. From rider to rider the wave can be changed instantly to each rider’s preferred skim or surf style wave. With previous wake surfing technologies riders were only looking for the biggest, longest and hardest waves. A Ramfill, CATS and Asymmetrical Wing Plate equipped Centurion Enzo allows wave shaping and tuning to set the wave to the exact ability-level, skill-set and individual goals of every rider.


Centurion is proud to introduce these new technologies along with the rest of the 2014 features and options as we continue our undying commitment to the advancement of towed watersports and especially wake surfing. To learn more, go to or see your local dealer.



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