NKOTB - David Stubbs

I first saw David Stubbs ride in the winter of early 2010. It was on a river in Blenheim, New Zealand on a trip I had planned to go visit some friends. "Stubbs" as he is referred to, impressed me right off the bat with a very cool outlook on the sport and a focus on the family of tricks that I had always thought were the most fun to watch. He was a very mellow mannered, polite guy that was really fun to be around. The following year Stubbs made the trek over to the States to put some time in coaching and riding at The Wakeboard Camp and became an beast on the water. Don't worry though, he is still one of the coolest cats I know so don't be scared of him. Mutual friend and Wakeboard Camp coach Billy Park noticed the Brad Pitt resemblance, we see it.