Last Words: Josh Twelker

Josh Twelker Last Words Sept 2012 | Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

Last 45-minute-long Delta set: Yesterday or pretty much every time I ride.

Last ride in a fullsuit: Pro tour stop in Seattle.

Last contest: Pro tour, Seattle.


Last time someone told you to stop talking so much: I get that a lot from Zane. He always complains I talk too much.

Last time someone asked you to speak louder: ???WHAT???

Last mute double roll 180: CWB team trip in Missouri, behind the new X-Star.


Last sibling rivalry: My siblings and I are pretty cool, but sometimes I have to show my older bro what’s up.

Last time you said “hella”: Probably making fun of someone for saying hella.

Last rider who impressed you: Jacob Valdez took a trip up to the Delta and just killed it; one of my favorite riders to watch for sure.


Last section filmed with Trever Maur: Working on something pretty cool right now! (Editor’s note: At the time of the interview, they were shooting for the Fox NorCal Crüe web video)

Last time you were told to “use social media” more often: Probably once or twice a day. Follow me on Instagram! @joshtwelker

Last variation of a 360 you learned: Switch toeside off-axis tuck-knee 3.


Last time you talked to Mike Schwenne: It’s probably been a couple of months. Mike is pretty busy with his camp and other stuff. It’s always good times chillin’ with Mike.

Last sponsor addition: Body Glove. Stoked to be on the team.

Last air trick at the cable: What’s a cable? I live in California.

Last podium finish: Wake Games, second.

Last video section you watched: I watched Innuendo the other day to get pumped before my set.

Last injury: I sprained my knee the day after Wake Games.

Last hero you met: My old man. He’ll do anything for me.