Last Words: Jimmy LaRiche

Jimmy LaRiche Last Words August 2012 | Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Last album purchased: MGK, Half Naked & Almost Famous.

Last demo: System Sessions last year in the Midwest.

Last trick you saw that blew your mind: Jeff Langley's double mute roll.

Last 1080 you landed: It's been a little bit. (editor's note: Jimmy stomped a HS Nose grabbed 10 for his web edit Cheers to Summer just after this interview)

Last new trick you tried: Nose grab ole 5 late backside 180. It's in the rewind family of tricks.

Last thing @jim_shot_it posted: Adam Errington standing on a bar flicking me off. It was his birthday.

Last non-wakeboarding celeb you partied with: Jack Blodgett. Does that count?

Last hobby: Golf.

Last time you were at a bar with your mom: After the unveiling of the Super Air Nautique G23. My mom and I kicked it at the bar.

Last app you deleted: Camera Plus. I don't need it.

Last good wake rumor you heard: Dallas Friday was into me.

Last joke about Adam: I started calling him the weasel. He really didn't like that. I wouldn't call him that if I were you.

Last roommate argument: Covering the boat.

Last junior rider who impressed you: Dirty Mike Dowdy.

Last home improvement: Windows and plantation shutters. It really stepped up my window game.

Last cheers you gave: It's the same one I've used for the past couple of years. It's amazing but a little long and not so PG.

Last date night: Prato in Winter Park, Florida. It was classy.

Last hair comment you received: You need a haircut.

Last package from a sponsor: Fox box — nothing better!

Last time Shane Bonifay stopped by: He just got home from Germany, so he stopped by and told me all kinds of good stories. He's a great storyteller.

Last time you laughed so hard you cried: When Parks Bonifay's boat dash ate his phone. Parks said, "What! This boat just ate my phone!"