Pro Playlist: Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed Pro Playlist September 2012 | Photo: Ian Reid

Top 3 country classics

1. “Amarillo by Morning” — George Strait

2. “Luckenbach Texas” — Waylon Jennings

3. “The Road Goes on Forever” — Robert Earl Keen


Top 3 facial-hair growers in wake

1. Pat Panakos

2. Matt Crowhurst

3. Ben Horan


Top 3 things you love about your wife

1. She is my best friend.

2. Our family

3. Playing golf every weekend


Top 3 firsts from Cassette that people tend to forget

1. Grip tape, wood boards, concave boards, bi-level boards, wakeskate videos, pink box, asymmetrical boards … shall I continue?

2. Winching and pool gaps

3. Locking in


Top 3 things to do before 7 a.m.

1. 3 m’s

2. E-mails

3. Wake everyone else up

Top 3 lessons learned from Texas livin’

1. You can’t bottle lightning, and you can’t fence a river.

2. A boat isn’t always just for shredding.

3. They raise ’em right here.

Top 3 air-travel accessories

1. My iPad

2. Sky Club. Is that an accessory?

3. The freshest issue of TransWorld Wakeboarding, of course

Top 3 wakeskate video sections

1. Thomas Horrell — Sfumato

2. Danny Hampson — First Breath

3. Andrew Pastura — Fun Boots!

Top 3 golf phrases

1. “Get this one up and down.”

2. “Just tap it in.”

3. “Doing the bull dance, feeling the flow.”

Top 3 things to look for in a home

1. Privacy

2. Proximity to water

3. A big kitchen

Top 3 culinary tools

1. Immersion blender

2. Good paring knife

3. Oil spritzer

Top 3 songs to cry your eyes out to

1. “Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh”

2. “Lila”

3. “Lovers Turn into Monsters”

P.S. If you don’t know who sings any of these songs then you probably don’t want to listen to them.

Top 3 ways to cure a hangover

1. Get off your ass and do something.

2. Day party. Fall asleep early and you will feel much better the next day.

3. Water and food

Top 3 bangers in Washed Up Before We Were Has Beens

1. Dan’s back big at River Pub when it was huge

2. Travis’ back big flip at the Obscura Championship pool

3. Grant’s 3 shove at Dunlap when it too was huge