Last Words: Amber Wing

Amber Wing Last Words July 2012 | Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Last new trick you learned: Heelside mute off-axis 360.

Last person you taught a new trick to: Miku Asai.

Last time you danced: Every day — I love dancing!

Last country you visited: My home, Australia.

Last time you experienced winter: In Australia in 2002.

Last gymnastics maneuver you learned: A handstand on a paddleboard. It's so hard; try it!

Last Aussie movie you watched: The Castle.

Last American movie you watched: Robinson Caruso — terrible movie, don't watch it.

Last meal: Special K for breakfast with a cup of tea.

Last time you got dealt with on a rail: At Worlds last year on a transfer, it was funny.

Last Aussie slang word you used: Arvo, it's short for afternoon. "See you this arvo."

Last new female rider you got stoked on: She's not new in my books, but Angelika Schriber is killing it and really going for it this year. She rips on kickers, rails and cable.

Last cable set: A couple of weeks ago, fun times at Orlando Watersports Complex.

Last 720 you landed: Today.

Last thing you missed about Australia: Laughs with my family.

Last time someone asked what Dean is up to: Haha, yesterday.

Last concert you attended: The B-52's at a winery in Australia.

Last thing you got in trouble for: Parking my car as close to the lake as possible at The Wakeboard Camp. It was on the grass. I should have parked in the car park.

Last song you downloaded: A Foster the People album.

Last text message you sent: To Hayley asking if she wants to ride this arvo.

Last place you got lost: In Orlando on International Drive. I took an exit too early and it cost me 45 minutes.