Last Words: JD Webb

JD Webb Last Words June 2012 | Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Last time you played golf: Today. I shot under 100. That's good for me.

Last meal: Brown rice pasta with olive oil and chicken.

Last vacation: Snowboarding in Steamboat, Colorado.

Last multilevel marketing company you joined: EvolvHealth.

Last new roommate to move into your house: Jeromy Leavelle from

Last Instagram photo you liked: A creepy photo of Jeremy Baker and Rob Corum Skyping.

Last thing you did that was "ballin'": Paid my bills on time.

Last new cable trick you learned: Crow mobe.

Last rail you hit: The pipe rail at Hydrous Wake Park.

Last nap: Whenever I sit down for longer than five minutes. I think they call it narcolepsy.

Last trip abroad: Argentina with the Red Bull crew.

Last YouTube video you watched: "Me and My Grandma Dancing to Rack City."

Last dude who lived in your shed: Scott Stewart, and it's actually a pimp yoga studio now.

Last app you downloaded: ScoreMobile when I thought about getting into sports betting; then I realized it probably wasn't a good idea.

Last major purchase: Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Last thing you regret: Buying dumb shit.

Last speeding ticket: Racing Andrew Adkison to the King of Wake office for a meeting. I got the ticket and had to go to court. He got away.

Last motorcycle you rode: Dad's bobber before he sold it.

Last good advise you got: "Stop going to the casinos. You never win."

Last time you protested in a contest: I just look at the sheets, man.

Last time someone asked for your Red Bull hat: At Hydrous Wake Park.

Last time you saw a fake Red Bull hat: At Daytona Supercross.

Last thing the world needs: Hate.

Last new guy you got amped watching: Mike Dowdy. That kid is killing it.

Last rail you built: An incline for the Hyperlite catalog shoot.