Shaun Murray Shredding!

Here is a little bootleg GoPro footage that wakeskater and Shaun Murray compadre Aaron Perkins snagged at the Nautique Media Capture for the G-Series boats. Aaron had to keep his filming on the down-low so as not to show up in the photos. I recommend that you select full screen mode to catch a glimpse at how much of a bad ass Shaun Murray is. The man is an inspiration as he is pushing 20 years of charging hard, yet showing zero...and I mean ZERO signs of slowing down. Attacking a wake as large as the G23 is a feat in and of itself, but watching legend Shaun Murray do it with the same intensity and style that he has since day 1 gives you a renewed sense of appreciation for what he is able to do. Thanks Aaron for stealthily capturing this moment.