Pro Playlist: Dieter Humpsch

Dieter Humpsch Pro Playlist July 2012 | Photo: Ian Reid

Top 3 bands to use while editing

1. El Ten Eleven

2. The Notwist

3. Pinback


Top 3 things to buy online

1. Camera equipment

2. Music

3. Movies


Top 3 electronics you own

1. Hexacopter

2. Panasonic GH2

3. GoPro


Top 3 electronics you don’t own

1. Electric PWC

2. Octocopter

3. Any Red camera


Top 3 songs that make you want to ride

1. “Cherub Rock” — Smashing Pumpkins

2. “We Built This City” — Starship

3. “Staring at the Sun” — TV on the Radio

Top 3 South African bands

1. Johnny Clegg

2. Farryl Purkiss

3. Die Antwoord

Top 3 apps

1. Weather Channel

2. Instagram

3. Pandora

Top 3 bands of all time

1. Smashing Pumpkins

2. Beastie Boys

3. Silverchair

Top 3 movies of all time

1. Running with Wolves

2. Bio-Dome

3. Invictus

Top 3 YouTube videos

1. “Wingsuit Video”

2. “A Dog Talking to His Owner About Food”

3. Check out Chase Heavener’s blog, There are always cool videos there.

Top 3 best wake videos

1. Running With Scissors

2. Mayday

3. Hit It


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