Videos: Top 3 Winning Runs of 2012!

This year, the King of Wake saw the most intense competitive riding to date.  Harley Clifford and Phil Soven traded off victories throughout the year, with Harley coming out on top as the King of Wake. As Phil referenced in one of his post win interviews, what it took to win an event even two years ago is what the field is throwing down in qualifying rounds. Take a look at what it took to win each of these stops and remember that these guys do this all season long. We narrowed down the top 3 for you.

3 - Coming in at number three is Harley's run at the MasterCraft PWT opener in Acworth, GA. He looked to be right at home behind the new X-Star that was unveiled that very weekend. Our favorite trick in the pass; the melon poked toe 9. Seriously dope. Always fun to try to decipher exactly what it is that Harley is saying in his post-win interviews.

2 - Phil Soven's run from the Nautique Wake Games this year earns the second place here, but a resounding first for "Most Awkward Pre-Run Handshake".  Phil is known for his contest success and he came out swinging in the first event of the season.  The front board gap to switch back lip on the A-frame was our fave in this run.  His stomped casual landing are always cool to see as well.

1 - When you have a final stacked with the heaviest hitters in contest riders, the pressure is on.  If every single guy goes off the dock and has the run of his life and stands up, the pressure is darned near explosive.  The finals at the MasterCraft PWT #2 this year in Ft. Worth, TX went down as the best final of the year, and arguably the best of all time.  Harley was an absolute beast and didn't bobble any of the landing on his unbelievably tech run.

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