The Inside That Counts: Supra Launch 22V's New Interior

Words: Luke Woodling Photos: Aaron Katen

Given the sheer number of enhancements, even "overhaul" seems like an understatement in reference to Supra's 2012 interior reboot. After all, from the softer-yet-more-supportive upholstery and electric driver's seat to the sleek new steering wheel and throttle knob, few areas were left unimproved. In the middle of all that sparkling newness, the revamped interior of the 2012 Supra Launch 22V stands out, incorporating all those updates and adding a few of its own.

2012 Supra Launch 22V Specs

Length: 22 ft. 6 in.

Beam: 100 in.

People: 15

Max ballast: 1,450 lb.

Max horsepower: 420

Configuration Choice The 22V's versatile hull and all-around wakes are available in two deck configurations. We've always loved the reclining comfort of the Launch 22V's playpen-style bow, but families often prefer the Sunsport 22V's walk-through arrangement.

Attractive Tunes All 2012 Supra wakeboard boats come standard with a new, more robust stereo system that includes a reliable Clarion head unit, six 6.5-inch Polk Audio interior speakers, a four-channel amp and a driver's remote. Thanks to the polish of the new speaker boxes in the bow and main lounge, the 22V's stereo system looks as good as it sounds.

Seeing Clearly Now it's even easier to control it all in your Supra, thanks to the do-everything Vision system's new 7-inch LCD screen. Command everything from Zero Off cruise control and ballast to engine diagnostics and built-in GPS navigation in stunning detail.

Style at the Wheel Every 22V driver will bask in a host of helm enhancements, from the perfectly weighted steering wheel and matching throttle knob to the refined look and rugged function of the toggle and ballast switches, which reside within easy reach on the main switch panel. The clear views provided by the electric height-adjustable driver's seat and upward-projecting driver's speaker ensure it's the best seat in the boat.

Firm Footing Combined with the integrated step in the 22V's rear cushion, the new walk-across sun deck lets you travel from the main lounge to the swim platform without ever sullying your seats. Step assured because the step-up, walkover and platform are all covered in SeaDek nonskid.