First Look: Super Air Nautique G23

When a guy like Shaun Murray says something like, "From this boat forward, wakeboarding will never be the same," you tend to take notice. After all, with his two decades of riding at wakeboarding's highest levels, few if any other riders are more qualified than Murray to make such a judgement call. Still, the statement smacks of self-promoting hyperbole. In fact, you're probably thinking something along the lines of, "Of course he's going to say that — he rides for Nautique." Well, in the case of the Super Air Nautique G23, we say Murray is right on the money.

The all-new Nautique flagship wakeboard boat has the best right-out-of-the-box wake we've ever seen — and that's just for starters. With a dry weight of 5,400 pounds and a 2,850-pound factory ballast system, the G23 wake is clean, balanced, and really, really, really big at just stock settings. Not only could it pull the pro men's division at Wake Games or Nationals right off the factory floor, but it will also lift riders to new levels — all without adding an extra ounce of weight. When some of the world's best riders start to max it out, it's a foregone conclusion that this wake will push wakeboarding to new heights.

Super Air Nautique G23 Specs

Length: 23 feet

Beam: 102 inches

Dry Weight: 5,400 pounds

Fuel Capacity: 65 gallons

People: 16

Factory Ballast: 2,850 pounds

Max HP: 550

Big Bow

Nautique Boats designers got every last bit out of the Super Air Nautique G23's 23-foot length, 102-inch beam, and super-deep design. No where is that effort more evident than in the bow. The hull's more vertical entry into the water allowed Nautique to minimize wasted space at the nose and maximize the length of the bow seating. The squared-off design also maximizes the width of the bow seating. The angled rear-facing seat and flip-up armrests ensure a comfy perch regardless which direction you're facing.

Substantial Storage

The Super Air Nautique G23 has one of the deepest designs we've ever seen in a wakeboard boat, which accounts for all that wonderful displacement. It also creates acres of deep storage throughout the boat, and since all of the G23's 2,850 pounds of factory ballast is housed below deck, you can actually use all that space to store your boards, life jackets and additional gear that you need for a full day on the water. And since virtually every compartment is lined with SeaDek non-skid, your gear will stay drier to boot.

Custom Detail

Nautique designers were given a blank slate with the Super Air Nautique G23 and they made the most of opportunity. From the drain channels that work constantly to funnel water out of the boat without you even knowing it to the custom hinges that yield clear access to all your storage areas with a single hand, the G23 is loaded with innovative touches that better the boating experience. The custom-designed speaker boxes and wrapped hand-stitched grab handles in both the bow and lounge are great examples of that incredible attention to detail.

Smart Seating

Nautique interiors have long been known for their versatile seating, but that flexibility reaches a crescendo in the Super Air Nautique G23. A two-sided insert can either transform the bow into both a massive playpen or a SeaDek-lined elevated entrance and exit. A port-side flip-up seat back and starboard-side stowable seat back create roomy, comfortable aft-facing perches for passengers. Finally, the reversible stern seat transforms from a rear lounge seat to a action-focused observer's bench with minimal effort.

Lit Up

From the one-of-a-kind LED navigation and docking light array at its nose to the courtesy lights throughout the interior and storage compartments, the Super Air Nautique G23 features 15 times more lighting than its predecessors. Yet, since it sports all LEDs, the G23's amped-up lighting uses just a fifth of the energy.

Driver's Dream

With the cross-curve windshield and low-profile asymmetrical dash design, the helm of the Super Air Nautique G23 affords stunningly clear vistas. Meanwhile, the Nautique LINC 2.0 Digital Helm System's 20 percent larger screen and intuitive operation make it easier than ever to control all of your wakeboard boat's essential functions, from the built-in ZeroOff GPS-based cruise control to the new Nautique Configurable Running Surface, which works constantly to deliver the best possible wake and pull.