Feature Rich: 2012’s Best Wake Boat Features

It happens every year: We board the year’s best wakeboard boats and find a treasure trove of new toys that make wakeboarding — not to mention the entire boating experience — easier, better and more convenient. We decided to share the wealth, giving you an inside look at 2012’s best wakeboard boat new standards and options.

Comfortable Conversion

The center rear flip seat in the all-new X-30 takes MasterCraft’s convertible seat design a relaxing step further. A light tub and lift transforms the forward-facing rear lounge into a rear-facing stadium seat so you can take in all the action behind the boat. Fold the seat back down and add a stowable cushion insert and the stadium seat morphs into an uninterrupted lounge area in the cockpit.

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Bountiful Bow

The idea behind the Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ‘s massive new bow isn’t novel. After all, this isn’t the first or last wide-nose bow design we’ll see in a wake boat. It’s execution, on the other hand? Well, that’s plenty noteworthy. Malibu’s first crack at an open bow is a home run, carving out 32 square feet of super-deep, extra-broad seating. The striking first impression it gives the MXZ is just icing on the cake.

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Automated View

Last year, Supra’s height-adjustable driver’s seat allowed any size driver to deliver the perfect pull. Now, Supra made that process even easier. Its new electric driver’s seat raises and lowers a full 4 inches with the flip of a switch, so your ideal vantage is just a touch away.


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Resourceful Rear

The convertible sun pad on the all-new Tige Z3 lets you choose between an upholstery-preserving nonskid walkthrough and a full-length lounge location. Whichever setup you choose, you’ll also enjoy dual wet/dry storage compartments with spring-assisted hatches.

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Colossal Comfort

Centurion debuted its most refined interiors ever in the new Enzo SV211, SV233 and SV244 with a stunning array of hand-wrapped vinyl, billet aluminum accents and LED lighting. The attention to detail doesn’t even wear thin in the colossal main cabin of the flagship SV244, which is more than 11 feet long and almost 7 feet wide.

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Heavy Metal

The first thing you’ll notice about the ZeroFlex Tower 4 is its swooped-back, heavy metal design, but our favorites are its squeeze-release handles and shock-assisted fold-down, which make short, easy work of dropping the ZFT4 for storage, towing or travelling under low-hanging bridges. Max it out with MasterCraft’s new two-point quick-release Bimini and swivel board racks, whose rotation into the boat is now dictated by a slick spring-assisted plunger release.


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Unsullied Swells

The angular design and finished bottom of Supra’s new surf platform keeps it away from your waves as you weight your boat for wakesurfing, giving you the cleanest faces on the lake.

Get it: 2012 Supra Launch 21V, 22V, 242 and Sunsport 20V

Future Grip

The effortless-yet-rock-solid clamping and push-button release of Protomet’s new Clamp 4RCE racks earned them the accolade of “best board racks we’ve ever tested.” And while we’ve already broken down their next-level function in detail (See, the only way for you to truly gauge their game-changing operation is to hop aboard a 2012 Tigé, on which they are exclusively available.

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Track even flats-bound tricks from start to finish with Protomet’s View 4RCE 180 mirror. The sleek machined-billet-aluminum mirror uses technology originally developed by the space program to deliver an unprecedented 180 degrees of visibility. Bottom line: If you miss any of the action behind the boat, it isn’t this mirror’s fault.

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Sleek Supervision

A new touch-screen version of the all-encompassing BIG system is the centerpiece of MasterCraft’s sleek and clean new command center. Since the BIG’s brilliant screen allows you to manage every essential boat function, MasterCraft engineers were able to lower the dash by 3.5 inches for improved visibility and simplify its layout for enhanced aesthetics and easy operation. Trick new billet aluminum knobs replace yesterday’s toggle switches for added life and durability, and MasterCraft’s signature broad strokes of billet aluminum make the entire package shine.

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Starts, All One and the Same

MaliView’s new Auto Pull-Up feature helps even beginner drivers deliver pro-level pulls. Designed by Malibu and Indmar, the first-of-its-kind feature takes the idea of presets a step further, allowing riders to record their preferred acceleration rate. Once activated, the driver simply punches the throttle and the rider gets the same start time after time.

Get it: 2012 Malibu Wakesetter VTX, Malibu Wakesetter VLX, Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ, Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV and Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV

Grander Vision

Supra gave its epicenter of control a size upgrade for 2012, stretching its brilliant display to 7 inches. Now it’s even easier to control everything from the standard Zero Off cruise control and ballast at the touch of a button.

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Linked In

The second generation of Nautique’s Linc system boasts a new 7-inch screen that’s 20 percent larger than its predecessor, giving the driver clear, intuitive control of all the boat’s essential functions. With Linc, the Nautique dash is completely clutter-free, and its off-right orientation lets you monitor everything without ever changing your field of vision.

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