Maximize The 2012 Supra Launch 21V

March 2, 2012

It may not pull the world’s best riders at wake’s biggest contest like its larger siblings, the Launch 242 and 22V, but the 2012 Supra Launch 21V might just be the perfect vehicle to set rookies on the path to world-class. The 21-footer kicks out a steeper wake that gives beginner and intermediate riders the air time they need to progress, and though it lacks the pro-level potential of its bigger brethren, the 21V sacrifices nothing in terms of performance and convenience features. Photos: Bill Doster and Aaron Katen

Stocked Standards

Any effort to max out the Supra Launch 21V is made easier by the sheer number of standard features Supra packs in its boats. It’s equipped with all the wakeboarding essentials right off the assembly line, including a 1,450-pound ballast system and Supra’s SmartPlate, the Progressive tower with a set of swivel board racks, as well as the Vision system with its built-in Zero Off cruise control and new 7-inch-wide LCD screen. The robust standard stereo package includes a Clarion head unit, six 6.5-inch Polk Audio interior speakers, a four-channel amp and a stereo remote for the driver. And thanks to the new electric height-adjustable driver’s seat, perfect views are a staple as well.

Must-add Add-ons

Tunes are crucial, of course, so top off your stereo with the 10-inch Polk Audio subwoofer, Roswell’s four-speaker light bar, a pair of compact-yet-powerful amps and as many as three remotes. Supra’s new tournament mirror sports two adjustable lenses in addition to a stationary center lens, making you Mr. Multitask behind the wheel. Finally, we love the Z-5 Cargo Rack, which provides acres of shade as well as an extra spot to store your quiver of boards.


Super Surf

Start by opting for Supra’s new Surf + Swim platform, whose angular design and finished bottom yield super-clean faces, then add Indmar’s 5.7-liter, 345-horsepower engine, which sports an all-new 7-quart baffled oil pan to keep you running smoothly even as you roll the 21V onto its side. Next, upgrade the size of your ballast bags and fill the front bag as well as the bag on the side you’re surfing. Start with the Zero Off set to 10 mph and the SmartPlate at 50 percent, then tweak your speed and plate position until you get the perfect size and shape.

Perfect Pop

The 1,450-pound standard ballast system is more than enough for beginner-to-intermediate wakes, but advanced riders will want to swap out the stock bags for larger ones. Start with the SmartPlate position at 50 percent and adjust it up or down to dial in your rider’s preferred shape. Once each of your riders’ speed, plate position and ballast configuration is perfect, save them with the Vision system’s rider profile feature for simple one-button recall.


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