Best Of 2011: Top 10 Pro Spotlight Quotes

Look back at the 10 funniest and most insightful quotes from TransWorld WAKEBOARDING‘s rider interview series, Pro Spotlight.

“You wait, in 2012, if the world hasn’t ended, it will after the Redneck Rail Jam.” — Clay Fletcher

Read Clay Fletcher’s full Pro Spotlight.

“Looking back on my rookie season, I don’t think I realized at the time how utterly useless I was!” — Dean Smith

Read Dean Smith’s full Pro Spotlight.

Rusty Malinoski

“Nerves are running, and I’m thinking about what I’m going to do out there. You see me 30 minutes later, though, and it’s totally different. Let’s go to the beer tent, tell stories from the day and have fun.” — Rusty Malinoski

Read Rusty Malinoski’s full Pro Spotlight.

“Of course I wanted to cut the grass. Plus, he paid me and let me ride for free. It was perfect. So that’s what I did: cut grass and rode.” — Clay Fletcher

Read Clay Fletcher’s full Pro Spotlight.

“He told Zane he needed a wakeboarder to do some stunts and he needed the rider to be really dark-skinned or black. So Zane’s like, “Well, you have one option.”” — Josh Palma

Read Josh Palma’s full Pro Spotlight.


“I like to make a big deal about it being Canadian because it pisses Phil Soven off.” — Oli Derome

Read Oli Derome’s full Pro Spotlight.

“People are going to see some of the double flips and other things we’ve been trying and they are going to start trying some things the hadn’t though of previously” — Danny Harf

Read Danny Harf’s full Pro Spotlight.

“I have a lot of respect for people who have sacrificed so much so I could be a pro wakeboarder while they’re taking care of our country’s business. I have the utmost respect for people like that, and I want to join their ranks. I want to do my part.” — Keith Lyman

Read Keith Lyman’s full Pro Spotlight.


“The fish would be on a track, and it would charge into me and then I would be basically fending it off. Its action was super real. It would open its mouth, thrash and flick its head up and down and side to side. When I did the stuff in the pool where it was clear and I saw that thing coming at me, I was pretty freaked out the first few takes!” — Josh Palma

Read Josh Palma’s full Pro Spotlight.

“Half of it is the adrenaline of jumping and the other half is knowing you’re not supposed to be there. It’s just this crazy feeling. You’re on a bridge that’s 300 feet off the ground and you’re not strapped in or anything.” — Brian Grubb

Read Brian Grubb’s full Pro Spotlight.

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