Large-Format Gallery: Fox Spine and Swine!

Check out yesterday’s action at Fox’s Spine and Swine event our at the Hansen Compound out in Groveland, Florida. Eight wakeboarders and six wakeskaters rode behind the Sesitec System 2.0 and hit the Fox Spine in games of W.A.K.E. and S.K.A.T.E. to see who would come out victorious. The format gave everyone a chance to hone their skills on the spine and get out of their comfort zones by trying things they normally wouldn’t.

Big thanks to Fox for putting on this incredible event for everyone, and congrats to Bob Soven and Reed Hansen for taking home the wins!

Rusty Malinoski back lips
Jimmy LaRiche front boards the top
Thanks to the Sesitec System 2.0 for the perfect pull
Parks Bonifay with a method over the spine
Easy E slaps this front board up on the top
Shaun Murray matches Adam Errington with this front board back 270
Nick Taylor with a boardslide front bigspin
Emily Durham and her daughter Hope taking it all in
Rusty, Murray and John from Fox on hand as judges
Grant Roberts back lips during the game of SKATE
There are actually less people than you think in this photo
Josh Zentmeyer was actually one letter away from taking out Reed Hansen
Reed Hansen in his own backyard (literally)
Murray slides into this front lip closer to dusk
Adam with a toeside melon backside 360
Adam grabs the toe back 3 melon on the way down
Murray brought out a Skurfer for some fun!
Bob took Adam out with a roll to blind over the spine!
Reed Hansen back lips in the dark to victory!
Post event wrap up sunset and interviews